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Higher turnover reflects efficient utilisation resulting in higher liquidity and profitability in the business.One such efficient mechanism is carried out by juxta glomerular apparatus (JGA).Where a and b represent the coefficients of the products and reactants in the balanced equation., being efficient or as we say doing work efficiently.If burning of fossil fuels, cutting down forests and trees add to greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, we must find ways to use these just efficiently and judiciously.The job of a manager is to coordinate the human and physical elements of an organisation into an efficient and active working unit that achieves common objectives.n simple terms, emotional intelligence refers to the ability to process emotional information accurately and efficiently.Controlling also helps in judging accuracy of standards, ensuring efficient utilization of resources, boosting employee morale, creating an atmosphere of order and discipline in the organisation and coordinating different activities so that they all work together in one direction to meet targets.High turnover, capital employed, working capital and fixed assets is a good sign and implies efficient utilisation of resources.If we change the stoichiometric coefficients in a chemical equation by multiplying throughout by a factor then we must make sure that the expression for equilibrium constant also reflects that change.This could be achieved through making government activities more efficient through better planning of programmes and better administration.Emergence of newer modes of communication and development of faster and more efficient means of transportation have brought nations closer to one another.At a given temperature, the product of concentrations of the reaction products raised to the respective stoichiometric coefficient in the balanced chemical equation divided by the product of concentrations of the reactants raised to their individual stoichiometric coefficients has a constant value.The tax per head of cattle went up rapidly and the system of collection was made increasingly efficient.An efficient system of communication enables management to motivate, influene and satisfy the subordinates.

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