Eke example sentences

Some eked out a living as charcoal burners, others did odd jobs.In this way, Ahmad is able to eke out his survival with less than sufficient earnings for his big family where he is the only earning member.Honey is widely used and therefore beekeeping for making honey has become an agricultural enterprise.It's cold! Natalya Stepanovna is an excellent housekeeper, not bad-looking, well-educated.But these were not enough to absorb all the job seekers.” “I see,” hastened the storekeeper, not at all certain that he did.In most countries there were more seekers of jobs than employment.Many jobseekers had to wait weeks, spending nights under bridges or in night shelters.He describes how job-seekers walked to London in search of work: 'I had always wanted to go to London, and my desire … was stimulated by letters from an old workmate … who was now working at the Old Kent Road Gas Works … I finally decided to go … in November, 188 With two friends I started out to walk the journey, filled with the hope that we would be able to obtain employment, when we get there, with the kind assistance of my friend … we had little money when we started, not enough to pay for our food and lodgings each night until we arrived in London.

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