Enormous example sentences

Expansion brought enormous resources, but it came at a price.The first half of the nineteenth century saw an enormous increase in population all over Europe.It has enormous possibilities of tapping solar energy.On the other hand, there are children who face enormous difficulty in learning even very simple skills.Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, exercised enormous authority because he had great influence over the public.These modifications increase the surface area enormously.In the Birhor society, children from an early age are allowed enormous freedom to move into forests and learn hunting and gathering skills.The assault on India's rivers – from population growth, agricultural modernisation, urbanisation and industrialisation – is enormous and growing by the day….The enormous popularity of this shortened version of the game led to the first World Cup being successfully staged in 197 Then in 1977, even as cricket celebrated 100 years of Test matches, the game was changed forever, not by a player or cricket administrator, but by a businessman.(Think-Tank puts on a pair of enormous goggles and turns towards the stage to watch.' And, not the least, she has given enormous pleasure to millions.So while black people played an enormous amount of informal cricket on beaches, in back alleys and parks, club cricket till as late as the 1930s was dominated by white elites.If the spectator approached too near, he lost the outline of the enormous face and could see only a heap of gigantic rocks, piled one upon another.With such enormous wealth, imagine the power and influence of these MNCs! There's another way in which MNCs control production.Every year an enormous amount of money is spent to replace damaged iron.

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