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Recent bad experience with corporate financing has focussed attention towards retail funding of consumer durables.This property, when set to Yes, deprives a user the facility to edit data, though the focus becomes available.Arousal forces you to focus your attention on reading, learning and revising the contents of the chapters.They have become more customer-focused and adopted measures to improve customer relationship and satisfaction.These two chapters focus on aspects of life and commercial cycles associated with markets.These initiatives have helped to build a homogeneous and focused team in Tata Steel, increasing motivation and binding to the vision of the company and spurred employees to deliver targets on a participatory management basis leading to ownership of processes.The conversation among the four classmates is obviously focused on the meaning, nature and purpose of business.In this unit the focus will be on environmental chemistry.By focusing on particular issues, the media influences our thoughts, feelings and actions, and brings those issues to our attention.But through their stories, novels have also shown a capacity to include and focus on the lives of those who were not often known to literate and middle-class circles.Unlike the western views, which primarily focus on cognitive parameters, the following competencies are identified as facets of intelligence in the ndian tradition : Cognitive capacity (sensitivity to context, understanding, discrimination, problem solving, and effective communication).Control should, therefore, focus on key result areas (KRAs) which are critical to the success of an organisation.This is largely done through laws and the chapter focuses on the importance of implementing existing laws as well as making new laws to protect the rights of workers, consumers and producers in the market.Besides the above, the media also tends to focus on a particular aspect of a story because they believe this makes the story interesting.Another psychological model is the humanistic-existential model which focuses on broader aspects of human existence.

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