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In diamond each carbon atom undergoes sp3 hybridisation and linked to four other carbon atoms by using hybridised orbitals in tetrahedral fashion.The foregoing discussion in this chapter is divided into four sections: Creating tables and relationships for accounting databases; ouchers and forms; information using queries and generating accounting reports.A party that secures at least six per cent of total votes in Lok Sabha elections or Assembly elections in four States and wins at least four seats in the Lok Sabha is recognised as a national party.In the class students are asked to read the comic strip aloud, after which they break up into groups of four, discuss what they have heard and write a summary.Order a farishta to pass by and drop just four rupees in my pocket.We shall find out more about a democratic election in Chapter Four.One fourth of the world's electricity is produced by hydel power.Silicon dioxide is a covalent, three-dimensional network solid in which each silicon atom is covalently bonded in a tetrahedral manner to four oxygen atoms.After all, if my Allah does not give me my four rupees then who will? That day, when I returned home, apparently from school and actually from the railway station, I was caught.As we have mentioned before, there may fundamentally be four kinds of contributions that can be made during the production of goods and services (a) contribution made by human labour, remuneration for which is called wage (b) contribution made by capital, remuneration for which is called interest (c) contribution made by entrepreneurship, remuneration of which is profit (d) contribution made by fixed natural resources (called 'land'), remuneration for which is called rent.Also, Parakh Foods had four oil refineries, whose control has now shifted to Cargill.” A carriage, drawn by four horses, dashed round the turn of the road.Galen elaborated on the role of the four humours in personal character and temperament.I have toiled so hard for four months to grow this cotton.The group 14 elements have four electrons in outermost shell.

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