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We know more about Guru Nanak (1469-1539) than about Kabir.This might partly explain the difference between the history of the followers of Guru Nanak and the history of the followers of the other religious figureures of the medieval centuries, like Kabir, Ravidas and Dadu whose ideas were very similar to those of Guru Nanak.Guru Angad compiled the compositions of Guru Nanak, to which he added his own in a new script known as Gurmukhi.Some of these were later collected and preserved in the Guru Granth Sahib, Panch ani and Bijak.Some of them like Kabir and Baba Guru Nanak rejected all orthodox religions.The number of Guru Nanak's followers increased through the sixteenth century under his successors.And it has worked! Isn't Guruji clever?” Indrani's voice had a ring of triumph.Srinivas Das's novel, published in 1882, was titled Pariksha-Guru (The Master Examiner).This may have something to do with Guru Nanak's insistence that his followers must be householders and should adopt productive and useful occupations.For example, the celebration of Diwali, Id, Christmas, and Guru Parv in India provides significant financial opportunities for greetings card companies, sweets or confectionery manufacturers, tailoring outlets and many other related business.The ideas of Guru Nanak had a huge impact on this development from the very beginning.Following one of the 29 rules given by their guru, the Bishnois would do anything to prevent the destruction of trees by human beings, including hugging the trees if they are threatened in any way; the destroyer cannot cut the trees without cutting these human bodies.Guru Gobind Singh had inspired the Khalsa with the belief that their destiny was to rule (raj karega khalsa).With all its good intentions, Pariksha- Guru could not win many readers, as it was perhaps too moralising in its style.Before his death in 1539, Guru Nanak appointed one of his followers as his successor.

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