Hairy example sentences

He asked his tall aunt, the ostrich, “Why don't you ever fly like other birds?” Then he asked his tall uncle, the giraffe, “What makes your skin so spotty?” He asked his huge uncle, the hippopotamus, “Why are your eyes always so red?” He asked his hairy uncle, the baboon, “Why do melons taste like melons?” The ostrich, the giraffe, the hippopotamus and the baboon had no answers to Golu's questions.Winged seeds such as those of drumstick and maple and light seeds of grasses or hairy seeds of aak (Madar) and hairy fruit of sunflowerget blown off with the wind to far away places.What if the coins were not there? But then, I thought, what if they were? Finally after saying bismillah, when I lifted up the rock, this big hairy worm got up, and curling and twisting wriggled towards me.

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