Happy example sentences

You must have come across people who are unhappy, troubled and dissatisfied.The people were unhappy with the existing government.In an imaginary country called Happyland, the people overthrew the foreign ruler and brought back the old royal family.The matron had a hat on too and seemed happy enough to see me.You must have also noticed that people who are unhappy in their personal lives fall sick more often than those who are happy and enjoy life.The effect of management is noticeable in an organisation where targets are met according to plans, employees are happy and satisfied, and there is orderliness instead of chaos.Have you ever asked the question “who am I?” What was your answer to this question? Probably your answer was that you are a hard-working, happy-go-lucky girl/boy.But not all novels about the lives of the poor gave readers the comfort of a happy ending.This self-definition may include both personal attributes, e.g. hard working, happy-go-lucky, or attributes which you share with others, e.g. girl or boy.Happyland is a democratic country because people were able to throw out the foreign rulers and bring back the king.I love you enough to let you be happy in your own way.] What's that? What's the matter with you? [Clutches at his head] Oh, unhappy man that I am! I'll shoot myself! I'll hang myself! We've done for her! I'm dying! Fetch him! CTfoo! At once.” Now Abbu Khan understood Chandni's problem, but it made him very unhappy.Like most Indians, she is also very much unhappy with the way politicians of the country have been behaving and running the parties and governments.The Kangaroo, though happy to carry the Duck all the way on the tip of his tail, is wary of her wet feet.

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