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The tanks could be as large as a big room; one household in Phalodi had a tank that was 1 metres deep, 27 metres long and 44 metres wide.In Gendathur, a remote backward village in Mysore, Karnataka, villagers have installed, in their household's rooftop, rainwater harvesting system to meet their water needs.Registered debentures are those debentures in respect of which all details including names, addresses and particulars of holding of the debentureholders are entered in a register kept by the company.It has to achieve a variety of objectives in all areas considering the interest of all stakeholders including, shareholders, employees, customers and the government.Bearer debentures are the debentures which can be transferred by way of delivery and the company does not keep any record of the debentureholders.These Banjaras carry their household – wives and children – along with them.Landlords, moneylenders, priests and colonial bureaucrats – all those who hold power in society – form a network of oppression, rob their land and make them into landless labourers.You can see that 85 per cent of the loans taken by poor households in the urban areas are from informal sources.Equity shares are suitable for investors who are willing to assume risk for higher returns; Payment of dividend to the equity shareholders is not compulsory.Developing countries with large populations usually practise intensive agriculture where crops are grown on small holdings mostly for subsistence.The interactional approach holds that situational characteristics play an important role in determining our behaviour.Redemption of debentures means discharge of liability on account of debentures by repayment made to the debentureholders.Although the development of people with mild retardation is typically slower than that of their peers, they can function quite independently, hold jobs and families.Cottage or household industries are a type of small scale industry where the products are manufactured by hand, by the artisans.The company redeems the debentures by paying the whole amount in one lump sum to the debenturesholders at the expiry of the agreed time or earlier at the option of the company.

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