Injustice example sentences

He had come to the Congress session to complain about the injustice of the landlord system in Bihar, and somebody had probably said, “Speak to Gandhi.They talk endlessly in a spiral that moves from poverty to apathy to greed and to injustice.They live with a sense of hopelessness, powerlessness, felt injustice, and experience a loss of identity.All these factors can be summed up in the idea of social disadvantage, because of which the poor experience social injustice, deprivation, discrimination, and exclusion.What about the injustice to the sharecroppers, Gandhi demanded.On growing up he developed his own ideas about the injustices of caste society.Poverty and social injustice may be a prominent cause of aggression, because they can cause frustration in certain sections of society.There were also others who questioned the injustices of the caste social order.The Constitution of India prohibited any caste-based discrimination and laid the foundations of policies to reverse the injustices of the caste system.As far as the marginalised are concerned, they have drawn on these rights in two ways: first, by insisting on their Fundamental Rights, they have forced the government to recognise the injustice done to them.

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