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The most intelligent student may not be the friendliest one.understand psychological attributes on which people differ from each other, learn about different methods that are used to assess psychological attributes, explain what constitutes intelligent behaviour, learn how psychologists assess intelligence to identify mentally challenged and gifted individuals, understand how intelligence has different meaning in different cultures, and understand the difference between intelligence and aptitude.Binet s theory of intelligence was rather simple as it arose from his interest in differentiating more intelligent from less intelligent individuals.So we know a number of facts about this tiny, hard-working and intelligent creature.(in a singsong) O Great and Mighty Think-Tank, Ruler of Mars and her two moons, most powerful and intelligent creature in the whole universe — (out of breath) what-are-your-orders? That's better, Noodle.The major focus of this approach is on how an intelligent person acts.Research has shown that highly intelligent people, those who are confident of themselves, those who are strongly committed and have a high selfesteem are less likely to conform.Why are some people more intelligent than others? s it due to their heredity, or is it due to the influence of environmental factors? The evidence for hereditary influences on intelligence comes mainly from studies on twins and adopted children.You certain areas in which some intelligent students do not do well.An intelligent manager should make use of positive aspects of informal channels and minimise negative aspects of this channel of communication.More intelligent people may change their attitudes less easily than those with lower intelligence.Rather than focusing on structure of intelligence or its underlying dimensions, information processing approaches emphasise studying cognitive functions underlying intelligent behaviour.Thus, a person who has the ability to learn faster and reproduce accurately may be considered intelligent more than creative unless s/he devises new ways of learning and doing.f you watch an intelligent person, you are likely to see in her/him attributes like mental alertness, ready wit, quickness in learning, and ability to understand relationships.The former is considered to be more intelligent and the latter as more creative.

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