Keep in example sentences

While discussing liberalisation, you have to keep in mind that the students are unaware of what India was like in the pre-liberalisation era.When parties choose candidates in elections, they keep in mind the caste composition of the electorate and nominate candidates from different castes so as to muster necessary support to win elections.It is very important to keep in mind that different persons could have different as well as conflicting notions of a country's development.You may also need to clarify the concept of purchasing power parity that is used to calculate per capita income in Table It is necessary to keep in mind that these terms are used as an aid to the discussion and not something to be memorised.I covered the floor around my feet with newspapers, rang for the air hostess, and gave her a parcel of fish (for Mij) to keep in a cool place.Many small size enterprises keep incomplete records of their transactions.Banks hold a part of the money people keep in their bank deposits as reserve money and loan out the rest to various investment projects.However, we note that if American prices rise faster than Indian prices and, at the same time, countries erect tariff barriers to keep Indian shirts out (but not American ones), the dollar may not depreciate.

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