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''It was an extraordinary thing 'in those days,'' Gandhi commented, “for a government professor to harbour a man like me”.For example, all of us discuss sports like cricket and soccer using a common vocabulary.A student with high mechanical aptitude and strong interest in engineering is more likely to be a successful mechanical engineer.A strong, broad and bent plate of iron is fixed to one of its ends and works like a blade.Progesterone also acts on the mammary glands and stimulates the formation of alveoli (sac-like structures which store milk) and milk secretion.Like addition of halogens to alkenes, addition of hydrogen halides is also an example of electrophilic addition reaction.Human beings have little control over natural calamities like flood, earthquake, lightning, heavy rains, famine, etc.Therefore, Kabir finally turns the idea of untouchability on its head- from the lowest to the highest state that a human being can achieve! Likewise, throughout the 1970s and 1980s Adivasi people successfully organised themselves and demanded equal rights and for their land and resources to be returned to them.In fact most nondemocratic governments would like citizens not to take part in politics.Like other such labourers, Kishora found it difficult to meet his family's needs from the wages that he received.Why did she want to lie? And she wasn't just an ordinary person, else why did she have a name like that? Anyway, they never made her cry.Suppose due to future growth prospects in India investors from across the world increase their investments in Indian bonds which under such circumstances, are likely to yield a high rate of return.However, large scale storage of grains is done in silos and granaries to protect them from pests like rats and insects [Figureure 10 (a) and (b)].Similarly, strong bases like lithium hydroxide (LiOH), sodium hydroxide (NaOH), potassium hydroxide (KOH), caesium hydroxide (CsOH) and barium hydroxide Ba(OH)2 are almost completely dissociated into ions in an aqueous medium giving hydroxyl ions, OH–.It is also a common practice to add some of the capitalised items like legacies, entrance fees and life membership fees directly in the capital fund.

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