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To meet this requirement, the company may decide to create a sinking fund and invest adequate amount in marketable securities or bonds of other business entities.For example, mining causes pollution because of the large amount of slag which is discarded for every tonne of metal extracted.This investment earns as certain amount of income (call it interest) which is reinvested together with the fixed appropriated amount for the purpose in subsequent years.The northern mountains are the major sources of water and forest wealth.This might amount to an even larger devaluation than would have been required before the speculative 'attack' on the domestic currency began.A company shall create Debenture Redemption Reserve equivalent to at least 50% of the amount of debenture issue before starting the redemption of debenture.This will usually be the case when even the amount due on allotment has not been received.The increased amount of CO2 in the air is mainly responsible for global warming.Such donation is to be capitalised and shown on the liabilities side of the Balance Sheet irrespective of the fact whether the amount is big or small.Long-term creditors are concerned about the ability of a firm to discharge its obligations to pay interest and repay the principal amount of term.If debentures are originally issued at discount, the actual amount realised from them at the time of issue is used as the basis for computing the actual number of shares to be issued.To glass A add little amount of soil mixed with a little cow dung manure.When the debentures are redeemed at the end of a specified period, the total amount of discount should be writtenoff in equal instalments of fixed amount over that period.Some amount of urea may be retained in the kidney matrix of some of these animals to maintain a desired osmolarity.Unlike the mountain pastoralists, it was not the cold and the snow that defined the seasonal rhythms of their movement: rather it was the alternation of the monsoon and dry season.

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