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Therefore, such rocks have narrower base and wider top.A narrow finger-like tubular projection, the vermiform appendix which is a vestigial organ, arises from the caecum.It is classified as narrow and broad money according to the decreasing order of liquidity.The word stress has its origin in the Latin words 'strictus', meaning tight or narrow and 'stringere', the verb meaning to tighten.Spirals of bangles — sunny gold, paddy green, royal blue, pink, purple, every colour born out of the seven colours of the rainbow — lie in mounds in unkempt yards, are piled on four-wheeled handcarts, pushed by young men along the narrow lanes of the shanty town.The western coast, sandwiched between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, is a narrow plain.This devaluation of the domestic currency would make imports expensive and our exports cheaper, leading to a narrowing of the trade deficit.The coastal plains between western ghats and the Arabian sea are very narrow.By the last quarter of the nineteenth century nationalism no longer retained its idealistic liberal-democratic sentiment of the first half of the century, but became a narrow creed with limited ends.Children with autism often show narrow patterns of interests and repetitive behaviours such as lining up objects or stereotyped body movements such as rocking.In countries like Japan, low birth rates make the pyramid narrow at the base.There were to be no crowded mohallas, no mazes of narrow bylanes.The Central Highlands are wider in the west but narrower in the east.Kathmandu is vivid, mercenary, religious, with small shrines to flower-adorned deities along the narrowest and busiest streets; with fruit sellers, flute sellers, hawkers of postcards; shops selling Western cosmetics, film rolls and chocolate; or copper utensils and Nepalese antiques.Because of this specific restricted requirement and the need for water for fertilisation, the spread of living pteridophytes is limited and restricted to narrow geographical regions.

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