Observe example sentences

When the Frankfurt parliament convened in the Church of St Paul, women were admitted only as observers to stand in the visitors' gallery.Ask students to observe carefully the availability of eatables in each container.It is observed that the ammeter reading decreases to one-half when the length of the wire is doubled.Observer reports include interview, observation, ratings, nomination and situational tests.Many foreign observers had felt that India could not survive as a single country, that it would break up into many parts, with each region or linguistic group seeking to form a nation of its own.As an object (consequence) the self gets observed and comes to be known.We can also observe that the employment level in different production units also goes up or down together.In Activity 4, we also observed that a large amount of heat is evolved.You must have observed that magnesium ribbon burns with a dazzling white flame and changes into a white powder.In this reaction you can observe that a single reactant breaks down to give simpler products.Unlike Newlands, Lothar Meyer observed a change in length of that repeating pattern.If you observe the bottoms of cooking vessels getting blackened, it means that the air holes are blocked and fuel is getting wasted.You have observed that Suhasini s work as a manager consists of a series of different activities or functions aimed at achieving the goals of the organisation.Mendeleev also had the foresight to leave gaps in the Periodic Table for elements unknown at that time and predict their properties from the trends that he observed among the properties of related elements.For instance, for the problem mentioned above, an observer may take a part-time job in a shopping mall showroom to become an insider in order to observe variations in the behaviour of customers.

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