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Simultaneously, the centrioles move to the opposite poles.Fresh water is found frozen in the ice-caps at the two poles and on snowcovered mountains.Each pole receives half the chromosome number of the parent cell.Napoleon's administrative measures had created out of countless small principalities a confederation of 39 states.The Civil Code of 1804 – usually known as the Napoleonic Code – did away with all privileges based on birth, established equality before the law and secured the right to property.The individual chromosomes can no longer be seen and chromatin material tends to collect in a mass in the two poles.The delegates drew up the Treaty of ienna of 1815 with the object of undoing most of the changes that had come about in Europe during the Napoleonic wars.The centriole, which had undergone duplication during S phase of interphase, now begins to move towards opposite poles of the cell.After the Napoleonic Wars had ended, thousands of soldiers returned to the villages.During the Napoleonic Wars, prices of foodgrains were high and farmers expanded production vigorously.Rather, they realised, from the changes initiated by Napoleon, that modernisation could in fact strengthen traditional institutions like the monarchy.For instance, when prices rose sharply during the prolonged Napoleonic War, the real value of what the workers earned fell significantly, since the same wages could now buy fewer things.In his hand is a pole with an attachment at the top from which fifty or sixty bansuris protrude in all directions, like the quills of a porcupine.In actual fact the Napoleonic wars were won because of the economic contribution of the iron works of Scotland and Wales, the mills of Lancashire and the financial houses of the City of London.It begins with the simultaneous splitting of the centromere of each chromosome (which was holding the sister chromatids together), allowing them to move toward opposite poles of the cell.

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