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In projection, people attribute their own traits to others.Started in the 1970s as a small project, Grameen Bank now has over 6 million borrowers in about 40,000 villages spread across Bangladesh.Besides objective tests, psychologists have also developed certain projective tests, especially for the assessment of personality.Two experimental projects have been set up in India to harness geothermal energy.The North-South corridors linking Srinagar (Jammu & Kashmir) and Kanyakumari (Tamil Nadu), and East-West Corridor connecting Silcher (Assam) and Porbander (Gujarat) are part of this project.An individual's personality can be assessed by using observer reports, projective techniques, and self-report measures.Some important hydel power stations in India are Bhakra Nangal, Gandhi Sagar, Nagarjunsagar and Damodar valley projects.Most of the objections to the projects arose due to their failure to achieve the purposes for which they were built.In this projection, the molecule is viewed along the molecular axis.The scientists on Project Light Brigade therefore knew that the threat of collision was now very much real.It is then projected on paper by drawing the central C–C bond as a somewhat longer straight line.A variety of projective techniques have been developed; they use various kinds of stimulus materials and situations for assessing personality.The analysis of personality with the help of projective techniques appears fairly interesting.Do you know that the Krishna-Godavari dispute is due to the objections raised by Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh governments? It is regarding the diversion of more water at Koyna by the Maharashtra government for a multipurpose project.These techniques deals with time scheduling and resource allocation for these activities and aims at effective execution of projects within given time schedule and structure of costs.

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