Pull example sentences

The crocodile slipped into the water making it all creamy with great sweeps of his tail, and he also pulled and pulled.It is a mechanical device used for weaving, moved by means of ropes and pullies.The beggar irresolutely pulled a billet of wood towards him, set it up between his feet, and tapped it feebly with the axe.Didn't his doctor tell him to take special precautions against the cold? But he wouldn't remember to put on a sweater even if it was lying on his bedside chair! How could he when Dibya had put her spell on him? She picked up the white woollen pullover, wrapped herself in a shawl and made her way to the roof, to break up his tete-a-tete with Dibya.Unable to find proper jobs in cities, many people started working as rickshaw pullers, vendors, construction workers, domestic servants etc.The strong gravitational pull exerted by the sun and the moon on the earth's surface causes the tides.The survival of all members of his family depends on his daily earnings from pulling rickshaw.This happens because the inner energy levels are filled with electrons, which serve to shield the outer electrons from the pull of the nucleus.ery often at night one of the goats would pull and pull at the string till it broke loose, and then would disappear in the hills beyond.People stop the trains, pull the chain unnecessarily and this causes heavy damage to the railway.[Pulls Lomov's sleeve] Ivan assilevitch! Ivan assilevitch! What have you done to me? He's dead.His father pulled him away roughly and restored the red button to neutral position.Timothy was provided with two companions —Toto, the monkey, who was bold enough to pull the young tiger by the tail, and then climb up the curtains if Timothy lost his temper; and a small mongrel puppy, found on the road by Grandfather.You touch a hot stove, your fingers pull away quickly, and your eyes well up with tears.The python, who had been quietly following Golu, came to the bank and said, “If you do not pull as hard as you can, the crocodile will drag you into the stream.

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