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The relevant qualification for selection to the Indian cricket team, for example, is not the attainment of educational degrees but the ability to play cricket well.In our country putting an educational qualification would go against the spirit of democracy for yet another reason.Similarly the relevant qualification for being an MLA or an MP is the ability to understand people s concerns, problems and to represent their interests.Why is there no educational qualification for holding such an important position when some kind of educational qualification is needed for any other job in the country? Educational qualifications are not relevant to all kinds of jobs.The three can be compared on the basis of mode of establishment, nature of work, qualification required, reward or return, capital investment, risk, transfer of interest and code of conduct.Even if education was relevant, it should be left to the people to decide how much impor tance they give to educational qualifications.For example, height of a person is single-valued attribute while qualifications of that person are a multi-valued attribute.A very important aspect of management is to make sure that the right people with the right qualifications are available at the right places and times to accomplish the goals of the organisation.Anyone can be called a manager irrespective of the educational qualifications possessed.You would also have observed that organisations look for individuals with specific qualifications and experience to manage them.But professional knowledge and training is considered to be a desirable qualification, since there is greater demand for those who possess degrees or diplomas from reputed institutions.

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