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However, an organisation may prepare a trial balance at the end of any chosen period, which may be monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually depending upon its requirements.Yesterday afternoon the leopard lifted a dog from near the servants quarter below the school.These roads connect the district headquarters with other places of the district.Kitchens, stables and servants' quarters were in a separate space from the main house.Quarterly review of the trends in receipts and expenditure in relation to the budget be placed before both Houses of Parliament.Ajmer (Rajasthan) was the capital of the Chauhan kings in the twelfth century and later became the suba headquarters under the Mughals.By the last quarter of the nineteenth century nationalism no longer retained its idealistic liberal-democratic sentiment of the first half of the century, but became a narrow creed with limited ends.Perhaps it wanted to enjoy its reflection at closer quarters.Demonstrating workers crossed from the factory quarters to the centre of the capital – the Nevskii Prospekt.By the third quarter of the nineteenth century it was firmly entrenched as a dance form not only in these two regions, but in the adjoining areas of present-day Punjab, Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh.(Nadir Shah) then attacked the Old quarters of the city and destroyed a whole world that existed there.In February 1917, food shortages were deeply felt in the workers' quarters.As the fashionable quarters and official buildings were surrounded by workers, the government imposed a curfew.The workers' quarters and factories were located on the right bank of the River Neva.As a result, more than half of the workers in the country are working in the primary sector, mainly in agriculture, producing only a quarter of the GDP.

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