Rage example sentences

Brahman priests were outraged when the Dalits used water from the temple tank.Where average stock refers to arithmetic average of opening and closing stock, and the cost of goods sold means sales less gross profit.Directing is a complex managerial function consisting of all the activities that are designed to encourage subordinates to work effectively.Encouraged by the Socialist Revolutionaries, peasants seized land between July and September 191 As the conflict between the Provisional Government and the Bolsheviks grew, Lenin feared the Provisional Government would set up a dictatorship.An independent media means that no one should control and influence its coverage of news.Coin operated vending machines are proving useful in selling several products such as hot beverages, platform tickets, milk, soft drinks, chocolates, newspaper, etc.India is behind the averages for several developing countries of Africa and Latin America.The growth rate jumped from the average of about 5 per cent a year in the 1970s to about 6 per cent during the 1980s and 1990s.Based on data given in Table 2, calculate the average income for both the countries.They were always about young boys who witness grand historical events, get involved in some military action and show what they called 'English' courage.For several decades now, a civil war has raged in Sri Lanka, whose roots lie in the imposition of the Sinhala language on the Tamil-speaking minority.I do possess a car, and it's in the garage round the corner.Second, the development of agriculture and industry leads to the development of services such as transport, trade, storage and the like, as we have already seen.The information technology industry deals in the storage, processing and distribution of information.Advanced planning for financing imports is necessary so as to avoid huge demurrages (i.e., penalties) on the imported goods lying uncleared at the port for want of payments.

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