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My toothbrush is a thing that haunts me when I'm travelling, and makes my life a misery.When people couldn’t travel quickly from one place to another, did they spend their entire lives wherever they were born?जब लोगों के पास आने-जाने के लिए तेज़ रफ़्तार वाली सवारियाँ नहीं थीं, तो क्या वे यात्रा ही नहीं करते थे| क्या वे अपनी सारी ज़िंदगी एक ही जगह पर बिता दिया करते थे?merchants travelled with caravans or ships, carrying valuable goods from place to place.व्यापारी कभी काफ़िले में तो कभी जहाज़ों में अपने साथ मूल्यवान वस्तुएँ लेकर एक स्थान से दूसरे स्थान जाते रहते थे|Air travel is not within the reach of the common people.At a more specific level, a person may have a very positive view of her/his athletic bravery, but a negative view of her/his academic talents.A merchant travelling in 1833 from Hamburg to Nuremberg to sell his goods would have had to pass through 11 customs barriers and pay a customs duty of about 5 per cent at each one of them.Their way of life is similar to that of carriers who continuously travel from place to place.If I were propelled by enthusiasm for travel per se, I would go by bus and train to Patna, then sail up the Ganges past Benaras to Allahabad, then up the Yamuna, past Agra to Delhi.Many cultivators sold off their crop to travelling traders (pykars) who offered higher prices.While some traders lived in the town, others travelled from town to town.The accounts of many travellers tell us about the life of pastoral groups.'' In spite of having travelled all over the world — Khansaab as he is fondly called — is exceedingly fond of Benaras and Dumraon and they remain for him the most wonderful towns of the world.But then my mother got me a children s book called The Travels of Monarch .Growing up disabled, you get fed up with people asking you to be brave, as if you have a courage account on which you are too lazy to draw a cheque.The year was 190 In the hot month of April, Charles Weld, an American geologist and Dorabji Tata, the eldest son of Jamsetji Tata, were travelling in Chhattisgarh in search of iron ore deposits.

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