Recall example sentences

If you have seen a greenhouse in a nursery or elsewhere, recall that the sun's heat is allowed to get in but is not allowed to go out.Recall that the ozone layer protects us from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.The basics of creating such queries in MS Access have been described below along with their usage in the context of Model- Recall that one of the great advantages of relational databases is that the fragmented data is stored in different data tables so that there is no or minimum redundancy.You may recall that the atomic number is equal to the nuclear charge (i.e., number of protons) or the number of electrons in a neutral atom.Tilloo s father recalled the ancient days recorded in the archives at the Central Bureau when their ancestors had a well-developed space programme and had searched the solar system with manned and unmanned spacecraft and found that they were indeed alone .If there is no such government, if there are no rulers and ruled, how can we apply the two features of democracy here? These two features, you would recall, were that the rulers should be elected by the people and that people should have basic political freedoms.You may recall that in bryophytes the dominant phase in the life cycle is the gametophytic plant body.Recall the question we ask so often: “What will people ('then') say?” Following the norm is, thus, the simplest way of avoiding disapproval and obtaining approval from others.Do you recall that electric current produces a magnetic effect? What happens to a compass needle kept nearby when current flows in a wire? Even if the current is small, the deflection of the magnetic needle can be seen.As you would recall, artists of the time of the French Revolution personified Liberty as a female figureure – here you can recognise the torch of Enlightenment she bears in one hand and the Charter of the Rights of Man in the other.your motion? Paheli recalls that when she is in a moving train the nearby trees and buildings appear to move in the backward direction.All at once he recalled his thoughts about the world and the rattrap.Recall the law of conservation of mass that you studied in Class ; mass can neither be created nor destroyed in a chemical reaction.Dissociative fugue has, as its essential feature, an unexpected travel away from home and workplace, the assumption of a new identity, and the inability to recall the previous identity.Others can no longer recall specific events, people, places, or objects, while their memory for other events remains intact.

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