Refuge example sentences

When Nadir Shah sacked Delhi in 1739, many of the city's notables took refuge there.To escape the waters rising in the house, Prashant and his friend's family had taken refuge on the roof.As a result of Partition, 8 million refugees had come into the country from what was now Pakistan.Some got the opportunity to occupy residences that had been vacated; others were housed in refugee colonies.Some stayed in Night Refuges that were set up by private individuals; others went to the Casual Wards maintained by the Poor Law authorities.The skills and occupations of the refugees were quite different from those of the people they replaced.The problems of the refugees and of the princely states had to be addressed immediately.As streams of Muslims left Delhi for Pakistan, their place was taken by equally large numbers of Sikh and Hindu refugees from Pakistan.I was screaming, 'Run!'” The family took refuge in the third floor of the hotel.Refugees roamed the streets of Shahjahanabad, searching for empty homes to occupy.The destruction of crops and buildings led to over 3 million refugees in Russia.

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