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Proprietary ratio expresses relationship of proprietor s (shareholders) funds to net assets.Ratio analysis offers many advantages including enabling financial statement analysis, helping understand efficacy of decisions, simplifying complex figureures and establish relationships, being helpful in comparative analysis, identification of problem areas, enables SWOT analysis, and allows various comparisons.For certain purposes the interdependence of (or even rivalry between) two sectors of the economy (agriculture and industry, for example) or the relationships between sectors (like the household sector, the business sector and government in a democratic setup) help us understand some things happening to the country s economy much better, than by only looking at the economy as a whole.The degree of a relationship type is the number of participating entity types.That means the Act recognises the difference in the breaking of relationship between all the partners of a firm and between some of the partners; and it is the breaking or discontinuance of relationship between all the partners which is termed as the dissolution of partnership firm.The values of debit and credit cannot be null because of total participation of vouchers in debit and credit relationship.Similarly, there exist two relationships between the relations ouchers and Accounts.This takes place by accepting his father's relationship with his mother, and modelling his own behaviour after his father.Factors such as age at which the event was first experienced, frequency of occurrence, duration of the stressful event and social support must be studied in evaluating the relationship between stressful life events and the subsequent illness episode.We are ultimately interested in learning the relationship between the aggregate transaction demand for money of an economy and the (nominal) GDP in a given year.Breakeven analysis is a technique used by managers to study the relationship between costs, volume and profits.For most people who seek help from a counsellor, effective or satisfying relationships are almost non-existent or infrequent.Financial analysis is the process of identifying the financial strengths and weaknesses of the firm by properly establishing relationships between the various items of the balance sheet and the profit and loss account.Many Forms are based on more than one table with One-to- Many relationship.DBMS software is used to implement the data model by creating several tables, setting their interrelationships and imposing constraints as may be set out in database design.

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