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Business may be defined as an economic activity involving the production and sale of goods and services undertaken with the motive of earning profit by satisfying human needs in society.Households get the remuneration from the firms for the services rendered by them and buy goods and services produced by the firms.In recent times, certain new services based on information technology such as internet cafe, ATM booths, call centres, software companies etc have become important.While this is not a problem for business firms operating domestically, it quite often becomes a severe problem for the firms interested in exporting their goods and services to other nations or setting up their plants in the overseas markets.HCL s business today spans IT hardware manufacturing and distribution, system integration, technology and software services, business process outsourcing, and infrastructure management.He represents a US software services firm that outsources project work to its delivery partners in Gurgaon, the software hub of North India.Goods and services do not move from supply locales to demand locales on their own.How to go about doing this? Do we add up the value of all goods and services produced by all the firms in an economy? The following example will help us to understand.Most of the working people are also employed in the service sector.Merchandise exports and imports, also known as trade in goods, include only tangible goods and exclude trade in services.Purchase and sale of goods and services in large quantities for the purposes of resale or intermediate use is referred to as wholesale trade.These logos and certification help consumers get assured of quality while purchasing the goods and services.It said that 27 per cent of the vacancies in civil posts and services under the Government of India are reserved for the Socially and Economically Backward Classes (SEBC).As against this, the multiple shops provide very limited service confined to guarantees and repairs if the sold out goods turn out to be defective.Generally, expenses are measured by the cost of assets consumed or services used during an accounting period.

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