Steady example sentences

Wind farms having clusters of such wind mills are located in coastal regions and in mountain passes where strong and steady winds blow.There has been no storm, no thunder, just the steady swish of a tropical downpour.Thus, we can realistically assume that there will be a steady flow of actual replacement spending which will more or less match the amount of annual depreciation being accounted for in that economy.Investors who prefer steady income without undertaking higher risks prefer these shares.Preference shares provide reasonably steady income in the form of fixed rate of return and safety of investment.The atmosphere keeps the average temperature of the Earth fairly steady during the day and even during the course of the whole year.Investors who want steady income may not prefer equity shares as equity shares get fluctuating returns.Forests not only help in controlling floods but also help maintain the flow of water in the streams so that we get a steady supply of water.What shall we do with you?” And Sulekha said in a voice that was calm and steady, “Don't you worry, Pitaji! In your old age I will serve you and Mother and I will teach in the same school where I learnt so much.) of different alkanes are given in Table 1 2 from which it is clear that there is a steady increase in boiling point with increase in molecular mass.When a steady current flows through a conductor, the electrons in it move with a certain average 'drift speed'.The frequent bad years led to a steady decline of the animal stock of the pastoralists.In the hushed silence of the house when I am quite alone, and my friend, who was here has gone, it is very lonely, very quiet, as I sit in a liquid silence, a silence within, surrounded by the rhythm of rain, the steady drift of water on leaves, on lemons, on roof, drumming on drenched dahlias and window panes, while the mist holds the house in a dark caress.

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