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No system is ideal for all countries and all situations.The basic features of science are as follows: Systematised body of knowledge: Science is a systematic body of knowledge.In the wake of the high incidence of poverty levels, as reported by the NSSO in the mid-1970s, three important food intervention programmes were introduced: Public Distribution System (PDS) for food grains (in existence earlier but strengthened thereafter); Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) (introduced in 1975 on an experimental basis) and Food-for-Work** (FFW) (introduced in 1977 78).The positive sign expresses that wad is positive when work is done on the system.Recently, a new system of declaration has been introduced on direction from the Supreme Court.Look at these flow statements of Grase in Industries, Ucal Fuel Systems and Sterlite optical Technologies given at the end of the Chapter.The human digestive system consists of the alimentary canal and the associated glands.Each member attitude that belongs to an attitude system also has A-B-C components.They are generally produced by the growing apices of the stems and roots, from where they migrate to the regions of their action.It is an arithmetical check under the double entry system which verifies that both aspects of every transaction have been recorded accurately.Quantitative comparisons between the growth of living system can also be made in two ways : measurement and the comparison of total growth per unit time is called the absolute growth rate.Septic tanks are suitable for places where there is no sewerage system, for hospitals isolated buildings or a cluster of 4 to 5 houses.We have seen that for a system, it is the total entropy change, ?Stotal which decides the spontaneity of the process.It is a mixture of a flexible exchange rate system (the float part) and a fixed rate system (the managed part).As electrons move through the photosystems, protons are transported across the membrane.

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