Supernatural example sentences

Collective belief in a supernatural agency – religion – was often closely connected with the social and economic organisation of local communities.For example, one cannot sacrifice animals or human beings as offerings to supernatural forces or gods.Nor did the traditional Puranic stories of the past – peopled by gods and demons, filled with the fantastic and the supernatural – seem convincing to those educated and working under the English system.These were provided by community leaders, who also functioned as teachers and adjudicators and were sometimes ascribed with supernatural powers.In many societies, the shaman, or medicine man (ojha) is a person who is believed to have contact with supernatural forces and is the medium through which spirits communicate with human beings.All three of these perspectives — supernatural, biological or organic, and psychological — have recurred throughout the history of Western civilisation.One ancient theory that is still encountered today holds that abnormal behaviour can be explained by the operation of supernatural and magical forces such as evil spirits (bhoot-pret), or the devil (shaitan).

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