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The output of accounting system takes the form of accounting reports.By the beginning of the nineteenth century, men like Thomas Arnold, headmaster of the famous Rugby School and founder of the modern public school system, saw team sport like cricket and rugby not just as outdoor play, but as an organised way of teaching English boys the discipline, the importance of hierarchy, the skills, the codes of honour and the leadership qualities that helped them build and run the British empire.In fact, this concept forms the core of Double Entry System of accounting, which has been dealt in detail, in chapter The concept of revenue recognition requires that the revenue for a business transaction should be included in the accounting records only when it is realised.To avoid such problems, the IUPAC has made recommendation that until a new element s discovery is proved, and its name is officially recognized, a systematic nomenclature be derived directly from the atomic number of the element using the numerical roots for 0 and numbers 1- These are shown in Table The roots are put together in order of digits.We can specify an unambiguous (absolute) value for volume of a system in a particular state, but not the absolute value of the internal energy.Given the centrality of the President, this system of government is called the Presidential form of government.Similarly, in some states, the Public Distribution System (PDS) functions well.Internal customs duties and dues were abolished and a uniform system of weights and measures was adopted.In chapter 14, you have learnt about the fundamentals of creating a database design in the context of accounting system.And in rural areas, where water supply systems have not been installed, people are forced to spend considerable amounts of time in fetching water from faraway sources.The other and more realistic way is to set up a system where political leaders are rewarded for serving the people and punished for not doing so.An attitude system is said to be 'simple' if it contains only one or a few attitudes, and 'complex' if it is made up of many attitudes.Salary system consists of regular increments in the pay every year and enhancement of allowances from time-to-time.Nor did the traditional Puranic stories of the past – peopled by gods and demons, filled with the fantastic and the supernatural – seem convincing to those educated and working under the English system.The surroundings include everything other than the system.

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