To accept example sentences

Such electron deficient molecules have tendency to accept a pair of electrons to achieve stable electronic configureuration and thus, behave as Lewis acids.They said that the kings refused to accept these rules and warned the English of dire consequences and massive upheaval if these are implemented … that the kings all returned to their capitals in great anger … all the big people began making plans.When workers are poor or powerless, the fear of losing future earnings or facing reprisals often forces them to accept low wages.How did this come about? Let us hear Mandela, the first president of this new South Africa, on this extraordinary transition: “Historical enemies succeeded in negotiating a peaceful transition from apartheid to democracy exactly because we were prepared to accept the inherent capacity for goodness in the other.We need to accept that people will act with their own best interests as the priority.And he had to accept the low price offered for the produce.They also agreed to accept some basic rights for the poor and the workers.In denial, a person totally refuses to accept reality.How were these ideal qualities defined? In many novels written during the colonial period, the ideal person successfully deals with one of the central dilemmas faced by colonial subjects: how to be modern without rejecting tradition, how to accept ideas coming from the West without losing one's identity.Defeated in the Opium War (1837-42) , the Chinese were forced to accept the humiliating terms of the subsequent treaties, legalizing opium trade and opening up China to foreign merchants.This happens when the drawee of the bill has funds at his disposal and makes a request to the drawer or holder to accept the payment of the bill before its maturity.When offered a loan, the cultivators were tempted to accept, hoping to meet their immediate needs and pay back the loan at a later stage.We need to accept that human intervention has been very much a part of the forest landscape.An individual producer has to accept the price that prevails in the market.Avoidance is to put the issue under the carpet and refuse to accept or face it.

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