To think example sentences

The second part of the unit encourages students to think about the rich heritage of Indian music, and our musical instruments.Many times, events are moving at such a fast speed, for example in a riot situation, that one has no time to think, just obey orders from above.This would give them practice in facing an audience, and encourage them to prepare seriously, by: noting down the important points about the person to be introduced, using appropriate phrases to introduce the person (students should be allowed to think what phrases they want to use).If all of this is to be done when we touch a hot object, it may take enough time for us to get burnt! How does the design of the body solve this problem? Rather than having to think about the sensation of heat, if the nerves that detect heat were to be connected to the nerves that move muscles in a simpler way, the process of detecting the signal or the input and responding to it by an output action might be completed quickly.Do we define something as classical if it deals with a religious theme? Or do we consider it classical because it appears to require a great deal of skill acquired through long years of training? Or is it classical because it is performed according to rules that are laid down, and variations are not encouraged? These are questions we need to think about.Touching a flame is an urgent and dangerous situation for us, or in fact, for any animal! How would we respond to this? One seemingly simple way is to think consciously about the pain and the possibility of getting burnt, and therefore move our hand.Children who are impulsive seem unable to control their immediate reactions or to think before they act.Adam Smith, the founding father of modern economics, had suggested that if the buyers and sellers in each market take their decisions following only their own self-interest, economists will not need to think of the wealth and welfare of the country as a whole separately.For example, today it is quite difficult for us to think of our lives without television.Does it show us more about the lives of the rich or the poor? We need to think about what T does to us, how it shapes our views of the world, our beliefs, attitudes and values.Do we wait to have a definition of these words before we use them? Come to think of it, do we have clear definition of these words? It is only by using a word that we understand its meaning.Economists began to think in terms of the national economy.n tests of intelligence, the person has to think of the right solution to the problem and the focus is on assessing abilities such as memory, logical reasoning, accuracy, perceptual ability, and clear thinking.Only a strong Centre, it was argued, “would be in a position to think and plan for the well-being of the country as a whole”.The Speaking and Writing exercises encourage the students to think about the relationship between children and parents.

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