Trap example sentences

It seemed a longer job than I had thought it was going to be; but I got the bag finished at last, and I sat on it and strapped it.Petroleum is also found in fault traps between porous and non-porous rocks.It offered riches and joys, shelter and food, heat and clothing, exactly as the rattrap offered cheese and pork, and as soon as anyone let himself be tempted to touch the bait, it closed in on him, and then everything came to an end.“And then we must see that he gets something else to do than to run around the country selling rattraps.“How you do look!” The man with the rattraps had never before seen the ironmaster at Ramsjo and did not even know what his name was.Still others were expert trappers through whom European traders had secured their supplies of beaver fur since the sixteenth century.It was obvious from his gait that he had not consented to go and chop wood because he was hungry and wanted work, but simply from pride and shame and because he had been trapped by his own words.And if the sheriff comes now and locks me up for this, then you, Mr Ironmaster, must remember that a day may come when you yourself may want to get a big piece of pork, and then you will get caught in the trap.It earned much wealth by trapping and exporting wild elephants to other kingdoms.CO2 traps heat and does not allow it to escape into space.A part of the reflected radiation is trapped by the atmosphere.This tiger was trapped in the hills only last month, and he is very dangerous!” Grandfather could think of nothing to say.One of the distinct features of the peninsular plateau is the black soil area known as Decean Trap.'' She said this in such a friendly manner that the rattrap peddler must have felt confidence in her.Recall the reading taken by you under in Activity 1 Heat is trapped by glass, and hence the temperature inside a glass enclosure will be much higher than the surroundings.

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