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Thus the tea leaves purchased by the consumer are not consumed in that form – they are used to make drinkable tea, which is consumed.Ethylene is used to initiate flowering and for synchronising fruit-set in pineapples.I used to feel scared of the memsahib but also felt angry and humiliated.A substantial amount of CO2 is used to manufacture urea.Don't you remember, I refused to have anything to do with it?” “Of course, I do.Medieval was a term used to describe a society where these features of modern society did not exist.“Perhaps he'll have got used to his cage by tomorrow,” she said.During this period, in parts of southern India, a number of assertive Dalit groups came into being and asserted their rights – they refused to perform their so-called caste duties and insisted on being treated equally; like Rathnam they refused to follow practices located in the humiliation and exploitation of Dalits.We can think of the market prices of the goods being used to evaluate the different variables listed here.The prices given to the peasants were so low that by the early eighteenth century angry peasants began agitating for higher prices and refused to take advances.Oh, my heart! You're an intriguer! What? I am an intriguer? [shouts] Shut up! Intriguer! Boy! Pup! Old rat! Jesuit! Shut up or I'll shoot you like a partridge! You fool! Everybody knows that — oh, my heart! — your late wife used to beat you.Since the capital which is used to carry out production undergoes wear and tear, the producer has to undertake replacement investments to keep the value of capital constant.Traditionally, low levels of technology and household labour are used to produce on small output.During our childhood in Goa, the baker used to be our friend, companion and guide.The energy transferred to an object is stored as potential energy if it is not used to cause a change in the velocity or speed of the object.

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