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Another level of creativity is working on what has already been established earlier by way of modifications, by putting things in new perspectives or to new use.This includes many senior civil servants who try to coordinate the working of different ministries.In the urban areas, the food insecure families are those whose working members are generally employed in ill-paid occupations and casual labour market.A well-known Indian journalist wrote of how the Fashion Week, in which clothes designers show their new creations to rich people, formed the front page headlines of all the newspapers while several slums were being demolished in Mumbai, the very same week, and this was not even noticed! As citizens of a democracy, the media has a very important role to play in our lives because it is through the media that we hear about issues related to the working of the government.Increasing the incomes of people working in agriculture is therefore necessary to combat the problem of hunger.These people advocate working towards stopping all further damage to the ozone layer.He describes how job-seekers walked to London in search of work: 'I had always wanted to go to London, and my desire … was stimulated by letters from an old workmate … who was now working at the Old Kent Road Gas Works … I finally decided to go … in November, 188 With two friends I started out to walk the journey, filled with the hope that we would be able to obtain employment, when we get there, with the kind assistance of my friend … we had little money when we started, not enough to pay for our food and lodgings each night until we arrived in London.Macroeconomics, as a separate branch of economics, emerged after the British economist John Maynard Keynes published his celebrated book The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money in 193 The dominant thinking in economics before Keynes was that all the labourers who are ready to work will find employment and all the factories will be working at their full capacity.The majority of the users of Sulabh facilities are from the poor working class.At times they lost their cattle and sheep and became labourers, working on fields or in small towns.The Civil Servants, working together, are responsible for taking steps to implement the ministers' decisions.In its wake, new social groups came into being: a working-class population, and middle classes made up of industrialists, businessmen, professionals.The mechanical hand is working again, thanks to the efforts of our technicians.Using this as a basis many laws have been made to prohibit children from working in industries such as beedi making, firecrackers and matches, printing and dyeing.Most people are working in the unorganised sectors and protection is necessary for them.

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