Fleet meaning in hindi | Fleet ka matlab 

Fleet meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Fleet 
Usage of Fleet: 1: President James Madison ordered the construction of a naval fleet at Erie. 2: The fleet that had stopped at Lisbon arrived around this time 3: It was there that Antony's fleet faced the much larger fleet of smaller 4: Demosthenes was chosen and led another fleet to Sicily 5: The Syracusans sent their fleet to the Peloponnesians 6: A peace with Sparta might have been possible but the Athenian fleet 7: In 411 BC this fleet engaged the Spartans at the Battle of Syme. 8: The fleet appointed Alcibiades their leader 9: He prevented the Athenian fleet from attacking Athens 10: Lysander totally defeated the Athenian fleet
Fleet ki paribhasha : kisi sthaan se hatane ke liye daudkar nikal jaana vah sena ya phauj jo ladakou jal ke jahaajon par chadhakar yuddh karati hai jo aaankhon ke samaanntar daahini or se baayi or athava baayi or se daahini or gaya ho

Fleet synonyms
speedy rapid brisk flying fast swift agile breakneck expeditious hasty lively mercurial meteoric nimble on the double barreling winged screaming expeditive in nothing flat like greased lightning nimble-footed speedball armada navy squadron flotilla formation line argosy vessels tonnage warships naval force sea power
Fleet antonyms
sluggish clumsy slow 
Usage of Fleet in sentences

The word is used as adjective noun in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun, verb or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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