Fly meaning in hindi | Fly ka matlab 

Fly meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Fly 
Usage of Fly: 1: The birds fly in the sky. 2: He is undergoing training to fly jets. 3: Modern jets fly with a sonic boom. 4: His fly is open as the zip is not closed. 5: Swift can fly with rapid curving movements. 6: He is like a fly on the wall in the affairs of the party. 7: I brushed the fly away from the childs face. 8: May fly is an insect which appears only in the month of may. 9: He has put fly-papers in his room to minimise fly nuisance. 10: Birds fly overhead
Fly ki paribhasha : kisi udnevaali vastu ko udne men pravratt karana gaadi, injan athava any kisi kal men laga hua lakadi ya lohe ka vah chakkar jo apani dhuri par ghoomata hai aur jisake ghoomane par gaadi ya kal bhi chalati hai kisi vastu ya vyakti ko bachaakar kinaare se nikal jaana oo hava men rah rahakar hilana ya udna ek sthaan se girakara, uchhalakar athava aur kisi prakaar doosare sthaan par pahuanchana ya sthit hona kisi ko jaldi karane ke liye kahana hava ke jhonke men idhar udhar hilaana ya hilane dolane ke liye chhod dena kisi sthaan se hatane ke liye daudkar nikal jaana ek prasiddh chhota kid jo praayaः saare snsaar men paaya jaata hai aur jo saadhaaranataः gharon aur maidaanon men sab jagah udta phirata hai

Fly synonyms
shoot take off float glide drift travel sail reach cross flutter swoop climb circle operate speed rush pilot control dash skim skirt barnstorm jet hop circumnavigate soar maneuver hover dive dart hurry whisk flit mount zoom scud whiz buzz fleet zip whoosh aviate flat-hat seagull bend the throttle jet out jet over remain aloft sky out take a hop take flight take wing wing in race elapse hasten tear scamper scoot career breeze bolt sprint roll barrel hustle make off go like the wind run its course slip away break withdraw disappear hightail hide skedaddle abscond skip clear decamp avoid clear out light out cut and run get away hasten away make a getaway make a quick exit run for it run from steal away
Fly antonyms
remain slow decelerate walk confront stay rest land face stay on ground procrastinate wait dawdle dally delay obey allow arrive open meet 
Usage of Fly in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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