Fund meaning in hindi | Fund ka matlab 

Fund meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Fund 
Other : कोष
Usage of Fund: 1: Relief fund was collected for helping the sufferers. 2: He is a fund raiser. 3: He invested his providend fund money in securities. 4: his retirement fund was set up to be paid as an annuity 5: I am collecting for the church building fund . 6: Prior to World War I, Tesla looked overseas for investors to fund his research. 7: The budgetary rule is to spend no more than 4% of the fund each year . 8: The investment choices of the Norwegian fund are guided by ethical guidelines 9: Abu Dhabi's sovereign wealth fund 10: The fund is wholly managed
Fund ki paribhasha : vah sthaan jahaaan vynjan pakaakar rakhe jaate hain vah asal dhan jo kisi vyaapaar men lagaaya jaay kisi vyakti ya samudaay ka aisa samast dhan jise vah kisi vyavasaay ya kaam men laga sake vah vastu ya vastuon ki saashti jisase kisi upayogi ya isht arth ki siddhi hoti hai aur jo shrama, pooanji ya samay lagaane se praapt hoti hai visheshataः adhik parimaan men snchit upayog ko saamagri

Fund synonyms
foundation supply capital treasury trust endowment stock reservoir vein kitty mine armamentarium source store hoard pool inventory storehouse subsidize finance support back bankroll promote stake float grubstake patronize juice capitalize pay for pick up the check pick up the tab
Fund antonyms
debt take 
Usage of Fund in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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