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Goodness meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Goodness 
As noun : अनृशंसता Ex:  Rousseau's idea of natural goodness is complex and easy to misunderstand.
आनुकूल्य Ex:  For goodness sake, this is God's world! आनृशंस Ex:  If you have evidence for goodness sake produce it in a court of law. उत्तमश्लोक Ex:  A supreme goodness औसाफ Ex:  An angel of piety, virtue, gentleness, goodness खुबी Ex:  An expansive goodness गुण Ex:  Excess of joy, goodness , indulgence उ:   गुण द्रव्य ही में रहते हैं। तत्वता Ex:  God's sovereign goodness, supreme goodness दयाली Ex:  He had his freedom to the goodness of his master दयालुता Ex:  His goodness is only supposed sentimentality उ:   यह दृश्य दयालुता और न्याय का रूपक है। Ex:  I recognize the goodness of your heart भक्तराज Ex:  It also means With humanity with goodness भगवान Ex:  It deserves even less in your goodness it seems to make light of उ:   वे भगवान विष्णु का षष्ठम अवतार थे। महरमदिली Ex:  It is also said Abusing someone with excess User his complacency, his goodness लियाकत Ex:  It is moderately intelligent but redeems himself by his goodness वस्फ Ex:  It promises that your goodness संखयता Ex:  Manner of being and acting that reveals the goodness of the heart united to the outer simplicity, even in the smallest things सफन Ex:  state of a soul that has lost all sense of piety, virtue, goodness साधुभाव Ex:  The father's goodness caused the loss of the son
Other : निकाई Ex:  If someone by attaching goodness नेकी Ex:  insult to reason, common sense, taste the goodness भलाई Ex:  It has a great goodness of funds उ:   ५-उसने अपने संसाधन प्रजा की भलाई मे लगा दिए। सलाहियत Ex:  Thank God, thank God and sometimes Thank God, thank heaven, is said to mark that it is the goodness of God that holds the thing it is साधुता Ex:  Thank God; Thank God be praised, Ways to speak in their efforts to express that one recognizes one thing to hold the goodness of God सुंदर Ex:  The goodness of a fabric उ:   ग्राम्य-प्रकृति के सुंदर चित्र इसमें हैं। सौजन्य Ex:  The goodness of a food, a beverage
Goodness ki paribhasha : ek pratyay jo snkhyaavaachak shabdon ke aage lagata hai aur utani hi baar kisi vishesh snkhyaa, maatra ya parimaan ko soochit karata hai

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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