Hardbitten meaning in hindi | Hardbitten ka matlab 

Hardbitten meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Hardbitten 
Hardbitten synonyms
adamantine compact concentrated dense firm hardy impenetrable indurate inflexible iron packed rigid rocky rugged set solid stiff stony strong compacted compressed consolidated hard as nails hard-handed indurated insensitive unsympathetic heartless careless cold-blooded indifferent apathetic uncaring unbending hard-boiled hardhearted impassive impenitent insensate insensible obdurate soulless spiritless stubborn thick-skinned torpid unaffected unconcerned unfeeling unresponsive insentient uncompassionate unimpressionable unsusceptible toughened inured blind to case-hardened deaf to seasoned prepared benumbed accustomed habituated contemptuous cruel disdainful impious inaccessible irreverent obtuse resistant unemotional coldhearted steeled hard-as-nails unashamed unrepenting unsubmissive avaricious barbarous bloody fierce forbidding greedy grim harsh implacable inexorable inhuman intolerant merciless murderous pitiless relentless rigorous ruthless savage shameless sour tyrannical unforgiving unmerciful unrelenting unyielding vindictive sanguinary unremitting hard-hearted inhumane uncontrite unregenerate tenacious vigorous tight resilient healthy stalwart fit stout brawny conditioned durable fibrous flinty indigestible leathery lusty mighty robust sinewy strapping unbreakable cohesive molded tough as nails withstanding resolute terrible strict severe desperate stern narrow hard-nosed refractory arbitrary confirmed drastic exacting ferocious fixed hard-line headstrong immutable intractable pugnacious taut unalterable uncompromising uncontrollable unmanageable vicious violent hard-shelled ruffianly
Hardbitten antonyms
mindful responsive kind merciful compassionate interested caring concerned feeling sympathetic nice sensitive tender ashamed guilty remorseful sad sorry pliable fragile unstable vulnerable wobbly controllable facile weak yielding loose slack flexible pliant soft easy delicate gentle peaceful uncertain lenient tolerant supple mild calm amenable easy-going 
Usage of Hardbitten in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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