Hesitation meaning in hindi | Hesitation ka matlab 

Hesitation meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Hesitation 
Usage of Hesitation: 1: there was a hesitation in his speech 2: After some hesitation 3: Thucydides answered without any hesitation that Pericles was better 4: Crossing not, Deciding to do a thing, after long hesitation 5: Long hesitation 6: Movement of hesitation 7: Tell me frankly : are there any hope of success, healing? It still means Freely, with boldness and precision, without holding or hesitation 8: There consented without hesitation 9: There is no hesitation on it 10: Without further hesitation
Hesitation ki paribhasha : do ya kai baaton men se kisi ek ka bhi man men na baithana kisi kaam ke karane men vah rukaavat jo man men maaloom ho

Hesitation synonyms
vacillation pause unwillingness equivocation reluctance indecision misgiving mistrust doubt qualm skepticism hesitancy oscillation fluctuation indisposition delay wavering irresolution dubiety indecisiveness scruple delaying averseness stammering stuttering procrastination dawdling demurral faltering fumbling hemming and hawing stumbling
Hesitation antonyms
eagerness perseverance certainty confidence trust belief faith go sureness 
Usage of Hesitation in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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