Hinder meaning in hindi | Hinder ka matlab 

Hinder meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Hinder 
Usage of Hinder: 1: Please don't hinder me from my appointed tasks . 2: A huge cast of supporting characters help and hinder their pursuits. 3: These beliefs did not hinder his religious practice 4: The injury was just the first among many that would hinder his playing career. 5: BLEEDING SE mean, figuratively and familiarly, Giving up will hinder 6: I do not want Point hinder your inclination, your inclinations 7: They hinder the each other 8: This expenditure will hinder me greatly
Hinder ki paribhasha : dal rakhana gati ka avarodh karana

Hinder synonyms
obstruct hamstring retard thwart burden prohibit handicap preclude inhibit cripple deter delay hold up impede interfere interrupt curb crimp frustrate hamper block cramp clog fetter neutralize terminate snafu resist counteract check muzzle stymie debar arrest crab contravene balk stop stay offset bottleneck hog-tie choke trammel oppose encumber hold back shut out louse up box in get in the way
Hinder antonyms
aid assist permit further expedite facilitate release unblock loosen liberate help promote support advance push encourage forward allow let go free open begin start approve 
Usage of Hinder in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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