Hold on meaning in hindi | Hold on ka matlab 

Hold on meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Hold on 
Usage of Hold on: 1: Try to get a hold on all the facts first . 2: When she relaxed her hold on me, I got away . 3: Britain consolidated its hold on both islands during the Napoleonic Wars 4: The Spanish never had a firm hold on Florida 5: 1919. The central power in Beijing struggled to hold on to power. 6: While David consolidated his hold on his own and his son's newly acquired lands 7: Taking STAND means, focus, something to hold on to keep from falling 8: The wind prevents frost to hold on trees 9: We must hold on this piece of wood 10: , Cling to everything, hold on to what you can, Use all means, his resources to save themselves, to get by
Hold on ki paribhasha : maarg aadi na milane ke kaaran thahar jaana is prakaar thaame rahana ki chhootane ya bhaagane na paave

Hold on synonyms
linger remain stay live sustain survive exist be last outlast abide stand cling superannuate prevail outlive wear carry on ride out live on be left be long lived be timeless carry through have no end keep on never say die perdure run on stay on stick to wear on wear well proceed conduct occur happen go ahead act advance bear behave come about deport execute ramble comport take place grasp clutch grip be tough hold fast balance compete contend continue emulate match pace preserve rival vie keep pace keep step run with pursue maintain hang tough keep going press on stand firm go for it be determined be resolved be stubborn go for broke hang in keep driving leave no stone unturned plug away see it through stay the course stick with it recur repeat obtain grind insist strive follow through follow up perseverate be resolute go all the way go the limit see through stick it out stick to guns tough it out anticipate hang around mark time stall stick around cool it fill time hang out hold the phone keep your shirt on lie in wait lie low put on hold stand by stay put bide one's time glue fix attach catch paste cleave hug join solder bind clog weld cement snag fuse jam unite lodge fasten cohere clasp bond braze be bogged down become embedded become immobilized cling like ivy freeze to stick like barnacle stick together await watch delay expect foresee tarry dally hold back hole up hang onto your hat hold everything keep shirt on look for look forward to save it sit up for stay up for sweat it withstand suffer
Hold on antonyms
cease reject refuse discontinue halt stop go leave depart die quit lose move give up let go neglect be lazy idle forget release loosen disconnect detach disobey divide separate free unfasten open unfix unstick displace remove hurry carry out go ahead rush advance carry on do forward 
Usage of Hold on in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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