Hold the fort meaning in hindi | Hold the fort ka matlab 

Hold the fort meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Hold the fort 
Hold the fort synonyms
hover go on linger stop live continue endure stand persist last prevail survive wait reside perch tarry rest freeze squat bunk visit abide delay cling lodge dwell inhabit halt hang nest outlast pause sojourn outlive sit tight bivouac roost be left hang out hold over keep on make camp put on hold remain standing sit out sit through stay behind stay in stay over stay put stick around settle reprieve procrastinate respite loiter dally lag sweat hang around outstay establish oneself hang about hang in put down roots stay out sweat it out firm obstinate reserved crisp aloof distant formal hard-line incompliant inelastic inexorable inflexible intractable obdurate relentless resolute severe single-minded stiff strict stubborn uncompromising unrelenting unyielding uptight do or die dug in hard as nails locked in set in stone standing pat unflexible unswayable hold one's ground standing one's ground sticking to one's guns block check hang on hinder obstruct keep at bay
Hold the fort antonyms
cease discontinue hurry lie go leave die carry on move depart forge complete rush advance push finish bending pliable flexible soft yielding pliant relaxed 
Usage of Hold the fort in sentences

The word is used as adjective verb in english grammar. The word can be used as or noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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