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Hot meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Hot 
As adjective : अत्यधिक उत्साहित अत्यधिक भाग्यशाली अशीतल आदीपक उत्तेजक उत्तेजित उत्साहहेतुक उदीरित उद्गगूर्ण उश्न उसन ऊष्ण ऊष्म खतरनाक गरम चटकीला चोरी का जनवल्लभ जनेष्ट टहाटह तपु तप्त ताज़ातरीन ताती तिग्मतेज तीखा तीव्र तेज़ भागने वाला धीकल धौँताल निपुण पुलिस द्वारा अभीष्ट प्रचण्ड प्रचलित प्रतिचोदित प्रतूर्ण, प्रतूर्त प्रविविक्त प्रुष्व प्रुष्व बहुत तेज़ भीमयु मर्मव्यथा मिर्चीदार मुहर्रिक लोकप्रिय वह्निक विकराली विकराली विद्युत् से आवेशित वेजित व्यस्त व्यायत शंकी शाणित शीघ्रीय शीतेतर शीलित संकुपित संचोदित संदिग्घ संधुक्षण संरंभी संहृष्टी सकंटक सप्रतिभय समद्धत समादापक सहसंवेग सांव्यावहारिक सोद्योग सोष्म हार्र होढ़
Usage of Hot: 1: rain hot coals in the summer. 2: A hot soup will revive me 3: it was unbearably hot in the room 4: it was oppressively hot in the office 5: it was tropically hot in the greenhouse 6: Dry-fruits curry with hot spices is very rich. 7: Keep hot bowls on a coaster. 8: She was scalded badly when hot tea fell on her. 9: In hot countries there are many refrigerant ACs being used. 10: A hot frontal system is prevalent now.
Hot ki paribhasha : kaaanse ka dhaala hua chhad jisase muthiya banaate hain chaahi hui baat men der na sahakar usake udyog men tatpar idhar udhara, aage pichhe ya oopar niche kiya hua jisaka svaad phika na ho .... kuchh ooancha aur apane sthaan se badha hua svar vegon ko tivr karanevaala jisaka svaad bahut tej ya charapara ho jisake chhoone se jalan maaloom ho

Hot synonyms
tropical humid scorching blazing sizzling boiling torrid warm sweltering heated white sultry red broiling burning close febrile feverish fiery flaming incandescent on fire steaming stuffy summery baking blistering fevered piping roasting scalding searing calescent decalescent feverous igneous like an oven ovenlike parching recalescent smoking sweltry thermogenic very warm sharp acrid biting peppery piquant pungent racy zestful fierce intense stormy angry animated ardent distracted eager enthusiastic fervent fervid furious ill-tempered impassioned impetuous indignant inflamed irascible lustful raging temperamental touchy violent aroused popular fresh trendy cool approved dandy favored glorious groovy keen latest marvelous neat nifty peachy recent super up-to-the-minute in demand just out sought-after carnal concupiscent erotic lascivious lewd libidinous prurient salacious sensual
Hot antonyms
arctic freezing indifferent unfeeling old-fashioned out unpopular frigid dry cold cool mild moderate calm turned off dull bland tasteless kind 
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The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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