Hot tempered meaning in hindi | Hot tempered ka matlab 

Hot tempered meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Hot tempered 
Hot tempered ki paribhasha : sngit men gndhaar svar ki do shrutiyon men se antim shruti

Hot tempered synonyms
testy combative contentious hostile quarrelsome ornery bellicose antagonistic aggressive militant flip fighting mean ardent cantankerous fierce truculent warlike at loggerheads battling have a bone to pick have chip on shoulder have it in for on the outs grouchy ugly irritable grumpy choleric crabby cross crotchety disagreeable out of sorts perverse ratty snappish tetchy bad-humored bearish cussed got up on wrong side of bed ill-humored like a bear vinegary restless fidgety demonstrative impulsive high-strung hysterical skittish temperamental edgy emotional enthusiastic hasty impetuous inflammable intolerant mercurial moody nervous neurotic passionate peevish rash reckless sensitive susceptible touchy uncontrolled uneasy vehement violent volatile agitable alarmable galvanic hot-headed overzealous short fused volcanic red-hot burning impassioned combustible flaming glowing blazing spirited heated intense ablaze afire alight febrile fervid feverish flickering flushed inflamed madcap precipitate unrestrained conflagrant fevered hot-blooded perfervid aflame flaring igneous ignited in flames explosive easily provoked short-fused catty churlish dirty disobliging dyspeptic malevolent malicious nasty petulant spiteful sulky sullen surly unfriendly unkind unpleasant crabbed tempersome thirsty keen anxious eager abrupt agog antsy athirst avid breathless brusque curt demanding fretful headlong indignant itchy ripe snappy sudden appetent chafing dying to having short fuse hot under collar on pins and needles straining unindulgent racing one's motor feisty uptight angry bristly fractious huffy ogre querulous thin-skinned ireful acute astringent biting caustic incisive lively sharp spunky stinging trenchant waspish sharp-tempered argumentative defiant disputatious pushing pushy rebellious salty self-assertive brawling itching to fight ready to fight shrewish splenetic ill-tempered peckish
Hot tempered antonyms
even-tempered easy-going peaceful friendly kind agreeable calm peaceloving cooperative helping nice pleasant cheerful amiable happy laid-back passive uninspired cold cool insensitive unexcitable apathetic indifferent impassive subdued unexcited dull unhappy mild moderate gentle flat good-natured good-tempered unconcerned enduring forbearing patient tolerant willing unenthusiastic controlled waiting easygoing placid 
Usage of Hot tempered in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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