How meaning in hindi | How ka matlab 

How meaning in hindi

How to pronounce How 
Usage of How: 1: Oh, how horrible. 2: I will teach you how to make tea, sonny. 3: See how beautifully the water reflects the sun. 4: Try on this sweater to see how it looks 5: I will show him how to do it. 6: I know how to cope with difficult problems. 7: She really knows how to belt out a song . 8: We chuckled over how angry Jed was . 9: Look how easily this boat comes about . 10: I'm just dying to know how your weekend went .
How ki paribhasha : nishedhaarthak prashn ke roop men kis prakaar kaa? kisi prakaar ka nahian

How synonyms
whereby whence according to what after what precedent by means of by virtue of what by what means by what method by whose help from what source through what agency through what medium to what degree wherewith 
Usage of How in sentences

The word is used as adverb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun, verb or adverb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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