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Hugely meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Hugely 
Usage of Hugely: 1: By this stage, the Mini was still hugely popular in Britain 2: The Geology of Europe is hugely varied and complex 3: This achievement seemed hugely impressive from the outside 4: The Supremes became hugely popular with international mainstream audiences. 5: For Agostino Chigi the hugely rich banker and Papal Treasurer 6: Politically and socially the declaration was hugely unpopular.

Hugely synonyms
truly terribly excessively dreadfully quite badly indeed immensely very much extraordinarily unusually remarkably really especially powerful too much enormously strikingly inordinately immoderately in a marked degree superlatively surpassingly vitally utterly unduly overly acutely uncommonly intensely totally severely exceptionally almighty markedly mortally plenty radically rarely ultra violently overmuch parlous terrifically drastically exorbitantly prohibitively to nth degree incredibly largely abundantly eminently emphatically incomparably infinitely most powerfully immeasurably inimitably by much conspicuously famously glaringly in great measure incalculably on a large scale supremely decidedly deeply profoundly so bloody jolly right but good mucho so much regularly considerably often frequently again and again repeatedly a great deal over and over time and time again particularly distinctly prominently noticeably outstandingly reputably signally intensively wholly completely carefully earnestly scrupulously flat out hard inside out throughout painstakingly conscientiously meticulously comprehensively assiduously efficiently whole hog from a to z from top to bottom in and out in detail sweepingly through and through unremittingly up and down staggeringly
Hugely antonyms
little incompletely mildly moderately inconsiderably insignificantly unremarkably weakly infrequently rarely seldom unnotably partially partly superficially inadequately deficiently inexhaustively 
Usage of Hugely in sentences

The word is used as adverb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun, verb or adverb in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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