Kindness meaning in hindi | Kindness ka matlab 

Kindness meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Kindness 
Usage of Kindness: 1: felt obligated to repay the kindness 2: We can never repay you for your kindness shown to us. 3: Don't kill them with kindness . 4: She was repaid for her kindness many times over . 5: On the other hand he was capable of great kindness 6: On the other hand, he advocated kindness to dogs and other animals. 7: She was very kind but her kindness . 8: A miracle of energy, dedication, kindness 9: Abusing someone's kindness 10: Be well come Be well come, Formula kindness or politeness which are used in respect of a person who arrives
Kindness ki paribhasha : kisi ko du:khi dekhakar svayn du:khi hona bina kisi pratikaar ki aasha ke dusare ki bhalaayi karane ki ichchha ya vratti

Kindness synonyms
tenderness sympathy goodness gentleness forbearance solicitude tolerance humanity understanding courtesy decency altruism grace patience sweetness unselfishness benevolence good will hospitality cordiality affection kindliness heart mildness indulgence magnanimity amiability delicacy tact philanthropy helpfulness clemency beneficence consideration thoughtfulness charity fellow feeling graciousness serviceability solicitousness good intention mercy benediction succor alms assistance blessing favor lift dispensation relief boon bounty aid benefaction boost accommodation good deed good turn benison
Kindness antonyms
animosity hatred hostility ill will indifference indecency intolerance selfishness thoughtlessness cruelty harshness mercilessness meanness barbarousness blockage harm hindrance hurt injury obstruction disapproval disadvantage stop 
Usage of Kindness in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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